2. Black Poplar (Populus nigra hybrid)

What3Words reference: towns.emerge.entry

Location notes: group of 3, with label, just N of River View Road opposite pallet Stack on far bank of river

Mature trees grow to 30m and can live for 200 years but is increasingly rare. The bark is dark brown/black, and is gnarled with numerous lumpy burrs, which distinguishes it from the Lombardy Poplar.

Shiny, green and heart-shapedg leaves open in early spring and are covered in fine, tiny hairs. It likes flood plains of rivers and can be identified in spring by the catkins with red male in late March and yellow-green female catkins a little later on different trees.  The catkins provide early nectar for bees and other insects..

It was once used in thatching and for baskets.

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