Events :

Events : Next Litter Pick 2nd March 2024

We will have regular litter picks in the park throughout 2024. The last one in 2023 filled 8 bags of litter.  This really helps keep the park looking good.

SATURDAY 2nd March 2024  equipment available between 10.00 – 10.10AM 
Sports Pavilion, Manor Farm Road – Please wear suitable clothes and footwear
Collecting bags and pickers provided. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN GLOVES

Future dates:   6 April, 4 May, 1 June, 6 July, 3 August, 7 September, 5 October, 2 November 2024

STOP PRESS TriFest now scheduled for Saturday 27 July 2024, 12 – 7pm

It was with a heavy heart that TriFest was cancelled on the 22nd July 2023 due to bad weather.  But more to come about this year’s arrangements soon!!

We had a huge amount of goodwill from stallholders and festival goers, and we really tried to make it happen but on the dates available to us it just would not work. There are certain key elements that have to happen for a festival to run, unfortunately, and through nobody’s fault, we could not get it to come together.😢

As Arnie said we WILL be back. Remember the date Saturday 27th July 2024.

What is TriFest in Riverside Park?

A free community event open to all who want a fun day in the park.  Why TriFest?  It is the festival at Bitterne Park Triangle.

We will have, a range of local musicians performing, along with local traders and community organisations stalls, Games, a dog show ran by Second Chance animal rescue (enter on the day), food, and artwork projects, not to mention the Butcher’s Hook running a bar. 

TriFest, the Triangle Festival is a part of Friends of Riverside Park. And we will have a stall at it. So come and see us!

If you want to have a stall or get involved email Paul Jenks Festival Coordinator at [email protected] 

Or check out:

Twitter:  fest_tri 



WEDNESDAY 26TH October 2022   DONE!

Bulb planting. We are organising power tools to create the holes for the bulbs so the work to plant and refill the holes should not be too onerous but all help gratefully received.

By the ramp from Cobden Bridge, St Denys Road – Please wear suitable clothes and footwear

2023/2024 annual membership subscriptions are now due for payment.

We would welcome any new committee members, particularly those with digital or WordPress skills!!

Minutes AGM 13 April 2023;

Venue : Bitterne Park Social Club, Manor Farm Road

Present : David Hutchings (DH), (Minutes), Diane Read (DAR), David Read (DVR), Ann Bennett(AB), Marie Weaver (MW), Cllr. Ivan White (IW), Cllr.Tony Bunday, Amanda Barnes-Andrews, Phil Webb, David Orchard, Paul Jenks,

Apologies : Doug Perry (Dpy), Elliot Woods (EW), Vicky Fenerty (VF) Several others were also invited to the AGM but understandably were not able to come.

Chair : David Hutchings would chair the meeting. Welcome from DH meeting commenced at 19.30hrs.

Minutes : Minutes from 2022 AGM Approved. Matters Arising : None not otherwise to be covered.

SCC Community Campaign Officer Sara Tschersich (ST) : gave a talk as a prelude to the formal business of the AGM. Thanks were given to Sara for her talk.

ex.Pitch & Putt hedge : with great regret it was reported that this part native hedge had been grubbed out recently by SCC without consultation. TB pointed out that it was not a hedge full of native species but some non-native (eg.Cotoneaster spp.) were present. Subsequently it has been found that at least one-third of the hedge was not removed but is still in situe.

Secretary’s Report : Nothing unusual to report. DPy remains as he has been for several years.

Treasurer’s Report : AB reported the major expense of £2663.30 was incurred to have purchased and installed by SCC the two new but smaller Display Notice Cases. Other Expenses : PLI £119. Website Hosting : £28 – OK to carry on with this expense. There was a balance of £695 remaining.

Community Chest Grants: The date for the commencement of SCC Community Chest grant applications is approaching. AB is also looking for other grants. PJ will send a link to AB for all SCC grant types.

FORP Banking : AB & PJ are continuing to work with Barclays Bank in order to have an internet based facility as an option on our account to enable prospective members and supporters from Trifest to join FoRP. This was not proving to be an easy or quick process. Thanks from the AGM to them for their persistence. AB is also working with Barclays Bank to have a second FoRP cheque signatory(DdR). Trifest Sub Committee is held up until the banking arrangements are modernised. The meeting APPROVED the Treasurer’s Report.

Litter Pick Dates: Prepared and listed by AB and copies were available. Next Litter Picks Saturday 6th. May 2023 at Perry Sports Pavilion, Manor Farm Road. Future dates : 3rd June, 1st July, 5th August, 2nd September, 7th October, 4th November 2023. All beginning at 10.00 hrs at the Perry Pavilion, Manor Farm Road.

Notice Display Cases : The two new smaller Display Notice Cases, one in River Walk and one at Dimond Car Park have been installed. AB has the keys now. TB to chase SCC re. Mansbridge Notice Case repair which is very necessary. AB will provide Matthew Lovell with the measurements of the backboard of this case so that we could replace it and put up a temporary display.

Committee Elections : In the absence of any further nominations or volunteers for inclusion on the committee the existing one was elected en bloc for another year.

Townhill Park Residents Association : 
Is 60 years old this year –1963 to 2023 (1963 the same year as our sports pitches were built). Sue Lickey is Chair of TPRA.

A celebration is planned for SUNDAY 4th. June 2023 – 12 noon to 16.00 hrs. DH proposed that FoRP should have a stall at this event to be held at the green on the corner of Broadwater Road and Forest Hills Drive. There was no objection. It was agreed to have printed some FoRP stickers to give out to the public Action VF Volunteers to arrange and staff the stall will be required.

Cobden Meadows Toilets : DAR & DVR had written to SCC councillors in regard to having a second set of public toilets constructed in RPk. IV supported this 100% This was not rejected out of hand. It was thought that a position at the rear of BPSC would be suitable since the water and sewerage connections would already be quite close. Maintenance is a huge issue for public toilets. It was realised that this was a complex problem and may require an imaginative solution eg. a partnership with a local business or club.

Trifest :The next Trifest is planned for SATURDAY 22nd. July 2023 and should take place at the area near to Cobden Bank.

Unadopted Road : This runs alongside the Bitterne Park Social Club from Manor Farm Road to access the SCC owned Car Park which services Riverside Park. DH outlined some of the complex history of difficulties after the Bitterne Park Tap was demolished for housing. This “Private Street” is not merely an academic issue since it could be one emergency access to RPk. The emergency services have the right to access via this private street but are very unwilling to engage on the issue to improve matters. Parking is unregulated and not regulatable the street being private. It is the responsibility of its private “frontagers” however SCC must accept that it is a private frontager itself where the only access to the RPk. Car Park is the private street. It is believed that SCC did spend some money on resurfacing the street some years ago but pot holes have subsequently re-appeared. TB would ask at the next Emergency Services Meeting about emergency access to RPk. in general – he has painful personal experience of poor access routes to the park by the emergency services.

Guided Walks : TB wished that more history and experience of the park could be recorded and written down for all to see if ever additional guided walks were planned which would involve a written guide.

River Itchen Revetment : This was constructed of concrete and stone alongside the river to form an embankment during the period after HM King George Sixth’s passing the accession and coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth during the early 1950s. This was a period of great importance to Southampton. The recently planted adjacent HM Queen’s Platinum Tree line marked her 70 years of reign. DH wishes BOTH to be marked by a permanent marker at the site not just the tree planting and to correct an oversight from the past. This will also add to the history of RPk. which is relevant in support of the item above.

Thanks to all who have volunteered for FoRP and attended this evening.

Meeting Closed at 21:15 hrs.

Next Committee Meeting : THURSDAY 18th.May 2023 at 19.30 hrs djh/may/2023