Tree Trail

Inspection of the labels for trees below show most are damaged or missing. We needed to think of a new way to create this project. We are now experimenting with using the what3words app for which you will need to bring your smart phone. We will start to add a what3words reference to each tree and photos and location notes which also help to locate the example. Further trees have been added all located on the river side of the park, but hopefully extending into other areas later in the year.

Having entered the w3w reference into the app search box for any tree, use the navigate button which will give you amongst others Google Maps and w3w Compass; the latter i used to check locations. The accuracy was about 15ft so you might need to walk round the tree you suspect before the app says ‘Arrived’ with a big tick. Google maps only takes you on a footpath even if you only have to cross a short stretch of grass so not ideal. (Roughly upstream is North for w3w compass)

Tree Trail See below for more information about the trees on the Tree Trail. We acknowledge much of this information comes from the Woodland Trust and highly recommend a visit to this interesting and informative website www.woodland

Please note the majority of items 1 -10 are now complete with w3w reference, location notes, photos and description of the tree and its uses. Trees 11 -22 now have their w3w references and location notes added. I hope to add photos and content about these remaining trees very soon. At present all trees are on the river side of the park.

Click on each underlined item to find out more about the tree and the wildlife it attracts.

 1.  Common Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)

 2.  Black Poplar  Populus nigra hybrid

 3.  Hawthorn  Crataegnus monogyna

 4. Holm Oak, (Holly oak)  Quercus ilex

 5. Lombardy Poplar Populus nigra Italica 

 6. London Plane  Platunus x hispanica

 7. Maple (Field Maple)   Acer campestre

 8. Silver Birch  Betula endula

 9. Rowan, (Mountain Ash)  Sorbus aucuparia

 10. Sycamore   Acer pseudoplatanus

11. English or Common Oak Quercus robur

12. Weeping Willow Salix babylonica

13. Turkey Oak Quercus cerris

14. Crab Apple Malus sylvestris

15. Group of 3 Northern Red Oaks Quercus rubra

16. Group of 2 Horse Chestnuts Aesculus hippocastanum

17. Elder Tree Sambucus nigra

18. Cotoneaster Tree Cotoneaster frigidus

19. Sweet Chestnut Castanea sativa

20. Norway Maple Acer platanoides

21. Group of 3 – Tree of Heaven Ailanthus altissima

22. Common Lime Tilia x europaea