7. Field Maple (Acer campestre)

What3Words reference: tasty.porch.score

Location notes: Group of 3 near “beach”

This is the UK’s only native maple which can grow to 20 metres maximum inacompant rounded, but are usually smaller. Field Maple trees are very resistant to air pollution.

It is a compact, rounded tree with attractive 5-lobed leaves that turn a rich golden yellow in autumn and makes a great hedging plant. 

The flowers are hermaphrodite meaning each flower has male and female reproductive parts. The flowers are small, yellow-green, cup-shaped and hang in clusters.

Field maples are fantastic for wildlife. The flowers develop into large winged fruits, each stem having a pair of pink tinged wings which are dispersed by wind and eaten by small mammals. Many species of moth feed on its leaves but aphids are also attracted by it, bringing with them useful predators, ladybirds, hoverfly and birds. Birds and bees collect nectar and pollen from the flowers

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